Hendrick Automotive wants to buy your vehicle today!! 

  • 400,000 offers made annually in 150 different markets nationwide
  • 75,000 vehicles retailed in 2013
  • A fast and easy way to sell your vehicle to a name you know and trust
  • Avoid the stress of selling the vehicle on your own

Our purchasing team ......

  • All Purchasing Team members are certified and go through and extensive training program
  • Hendrick has placed dedicated Purchasing teams at the Hendrick Cars locations to better serve you
  • Experience combined with access to the Hendrick information database guarantees an accurate offer to buy your vehicle today

The appraisal process. What you can expect from us....

Our Purchasing Team will take your vehicle through an extensive appraisal process that examines the following:
  • Exterior of the vehicle
  • Interior of the vehicle
  • Drive your vehicle on a short 1 mile test drive to test your engine, transmission,    and   4x4 systems
  • Inspect for any evidence of Flood, Salvage, and or Frame Damage
  • Review the CarFax report for a better understanding of your vehicle history
  • This process allows for a more accurate valuation of your vehicle in less than 30 minutes

Our Purchasing Team will then conduct research based on our available data resources to provide you with the Hendrick offer to buy your vehicle
  • Our offer to purchase is valid for seven (7) days and comes with a complimentary Carfax vehicle history report

How we determine your vehicle's Hendrick Appraised Value-

  • Our offer is based on comparable vehicles, using today's market conditions.
  • Current supply and demand of your vehicle year, make, model and option packages
  • Mileage and overall condition of your vehicle's exterior and interior.
  • Customizations such as aftermarket parts or accessories installed on your vehicle
  • Any issues that may cause title branding. Such as theft, frame, salvage, or flood damage
  • We also look at nationwide wholesale auction results and sales history