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Hendrick Automotive Group truly values its partners. Recently, one of our leading software and technology partners Microsoft spent some time in Charlotte, North Carolina to capture our partnership in action. The video (linked below) takes a look at how Hendrick Automotive Group IT team worked with Microsoft in our company’s transition to Windows 10 in our dealerships, collision centers, accessories dealership installers and support offices throughout the 14 states in which we operate. These new software platforms work seamlessly and efficiently for our teammates and with our manufacturers, giving our teammates the best tools available to take care of our customers.

Our focus has always been on people, and Microsoft continues to help our team do that. Please click below to learn more about Hendrick Automotive Group’s partnership with Microsoft and our use of Microsoft 365, and how we are serving the our current generation of well-connect, always informed customers.


Hendrick Automotive Group’s Microsoft Customer Story…


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